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Optimization of biomass

PureteQ 'Minimeizer' rapidly and safely grinds various organic materials into an efficient medium for the extraction of biogas.

The system is supplied as a plug & play solution, this ensures rapid, trouble-free installation and commissioning, with minimal downtime of your existing plant. The system is also flexible in terms of volumetric sizing, temperature and physical positioning.

Contact us to discuss the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific requirements.

  • PureteQ 'Minimeizer' grinds organic products before being fed into a biogas reactor
  • Can break down even strong fibers for faster, more efficient gas production
  • Grinds fibers to reduce floating layers in reactors and storage tanks
  • Effectively blends different media to produce an easily pumpable, homogeneous mass
  • Not susceptible to stones or other impurities in the products
  • PureteQ 'Minimeizer' can be combined with an existing biogas plant or installed on a reactor to improve gas yield by continuously processing the contents.