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For each of our patented technologies, PureteQ has formed close working partnerships with companies across a range of industries as well as GTS institutes and or universities.

Our primary partner within PureteQ Maritime Scrubber Systems is:

Erria is an international maritime company within shipping and shipping-related business areas, including but not limited to:

  • Technical and administrative management
  • Crewin
  • Supply Management
  • Docking
  • Conversion and reporting
  • Development and supervision of new building projects and refurbishments
  • Ship design
  • Consulting
  • Inspection
  • Operation of container operators

Our primary partner within PureteQ Energy systems, including industrial byproducts for energy utilization, is:

Combineering specializes in the development of new solutions for the recycling of industrial waste products, as well as more traditional trading of waste products. Combineering operates primarily within the following business areas:

  • Biomass for AD plants
  • Solid biofuels
  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative raw materials
  • Fertilizers and feedstuff
  • Special treatment

Partnership with universities and GTS institutes

PureteQ collaborates with leading national and international GTS institutes. All technologies are tested and verified. For the maritime sector, we work with Lloyds and Force Technology. For onshore systems, we work with the Danish Technological Institute and Force Technology. We also work with schools and universities, including Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

To protect our intellectual property, all of our technologies are covered by international patents.