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Research and patents

Partnership with universities and GTS institutes

PureteQ collaborates with leading national and international GTS institutes. All technologies are tested and verified. For the maritime sector, we work with Lloyds and Force Technology. For onshore systems, we work with the Danish Technological Institute and Force Technology. We also work with schools and universities, including Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

To protect our intellectual property, all of our technologies are covered by international patents.


PureteQ's production and development facilities are situated in Svendborg.

Our production facilities are used primarily to build technological systems for full-scale testing. Here, we also build systems for our customers using a relatively high degree of outsourcing. Our workshops and production facilities are equipped with industry-standard machinery and lifting gear, so we are always ready to take on a wide range of construction activities. We also collaborate with local and international companies.

 We have a practical approach to our solutions as we involve all parties in the development. Our starting point is identifying a real demand for a solution that other technologies are unable or have difficulties to meet; a solution that is better, cheaper or more effective.