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In recent years, European environmental legislation has become more stringent in a number of areas. As a consequence, Danish legislation has also followed suit to a similar extent. Politicians have high ambitions that these changes will succeed in sustaining a clean society for future generations. In general terms, this legislation ensures that those that pollute the most bear the greatest burden. However, the environment legislation often fails, as the controlling authorities fail to monitor/control the companies as required by legislation. It is typically left to individual companies to decide the extent to which this legislation is adopted.

As we know, a lot of focus is being placed on the reuse of resources. In light of this, the Danish government's new resource plan sets clear targets in a number of these areas. One key area is the phasing out/reduction in the use of fossil fuel. For many years, Denmark and other countries have focused on energy utilization of liquid hazard waste. This has adopted to such an extent that, today, low-calorific, high-water-content liquid hazardous waste and industrial byproducts exist in large quantities.

To help address this issue, PureteQ has therefore developed an energy system that incinerates these fractions in an environmentally responsible way without the need for support fuel. We call it the Intensive Combustion System, or ICS. The ICS system is supplied as a turnkey solution, and effectively purifies atmospheric emissions as well as other waste streams.



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