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Convertible exhaust silencer scrubber solution


In partnership with AXCES, a Dutch-based producer of silencer systems for shipping and other industries, PureteQ has designed a solution that allows a vessel's exhaust silencers to be relatively easily converted to a fully functional Turbo Scrubber.

For ship owners, making provision for a scrubber system when fitting an exhaust silencer can reap significant benefits. If a customer does not know in advance whether a ship will be sailing in ECA/SECA waters, preparing a vessel for a future scrubber installation can be an inexpensive solution, and ensures that it will meet upcoming legislation regarding the reduction of shipping-related sulfur emissions by 98% by the year 2020.

-It is with great pleasure that, in partnership with AXCES, we can offer an effective and future-proof exhaust silencer scrubber solution. The installation of a scrubber housing is a costly and relatively complex process, so fitting an exhaust silencer that can later be converted into a scrubber saves the customer a lot of money explains Senior Vice President Henrik Pander, PureteQ.

In cases where water is not sprayed into the scrubber, the scrubber housing will be unable to sufficiently dampen the high level of polluting noise. In such instances, the silencer solves this problem.

The silencer scrubber solution will typically be designed for a specific customer and optimized for the vessel's power source and construction.