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About PureteQ

PureteQ is an engineering company that specializes in the development of patented, high-tech process solutions, including installation, start-up and commissioning.

We solve environmental problems for our customers in the on and offshore industries and the maritime sector. We provide solutions for established problems within combustion, e.g. the use of alternative energy, and the purification and heat recovery of flue gas. We provide technologies that clean oil and chemical-polluted process water for the on and offshore industries.

PureteQ is part of the Dansk Synergi group, with headquarters, testing facilities and production in Svendborg  , the southern part of of Denmark and sales office in Germany.

”We transform environmental issues into sustainable solutions”


Established in 2010, PureteQ develops high-tech and economically sustainable environmental technologies. We focus on solving established, environmental problems and develop technologies that comply with legislation and regulatory requirements. PureteQ's sustainable, technological solutions are developed for the maritime sector, on and offshore industries, and the energy sector.

To meet the shipping industry's needs for a greener and more sustainable profile, and to meet new legislation (as per end 2014) to reduce sulfur emissions, PureteQ's primary strategic focus will, in the future, be to develop, sell and install solutions that will reduce polluting flue gas from shipping.

PureteQ has partnered with international maritime consultancy, Erria A/S, which specializes in shipping and shipping-related business areas, including the development and supervision of new building projects, refurbishments, and ship design.

PureteQ's other business areas are based on patented environmental technology for:

  • the purification of process water from industry, the energy sector and oil & gas sector
  • the purification and heat recovery of flue gas from high polluting industries, including biomass-fired combined heat and power plants
  • energy utilization of liquid industrial byproducts, hazardous waste and other alternative fuels with low calorific value and high water content.


PureteQ's technologies are patented and full-scale tested at our production facilities in Svendborg.  Our systems are tested in collaboration with accredited Danish GTS institutes before installation at the customer.

Since its inception in 2010, PureteQ has worked closely with inventor, Dennis Søgaard, who has more than 25 years of practical experience within processing of environmentally hazardous waste and the recovery of vital resources from the polluting on and offshore industries.

PureteQ works primarily with marine engineers, technical engineers and technicians with a high degree of competency in their respective field. Together, we are a dynamic team that focuses on developing, testing and working closely with our customers and partners to implement technological solutions that can transform and restore important resources such as clean air and clean water.